How to Top Up your

Here's all the ways you can apply your Voucher to your Lebara Mobile phone

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    We are a PCI compliant company, You can use any Credit or Debit Card, Google Pay & Apple Pay.

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  • How do I top up my Lebara phone?

    By Text Phone:

    Enter *#1345*[Your Voucher Number]# and press the send or call button.

    For example *#1345*1234123412341234#

    By Phone:

    1. Dial 5588 from your Lebara mobile phone.

    2. Select option 1.

    3. Follow the instructions, Make sure you have the voucher number we sent you.

    4. Your Topped Up!

  • How do I check my Lebara balance?

    By Text Phone:

    Enter *#1345# and press the send or call button.
    You should see you remaining Lebara Call Credit displayed on your screen.

    By Phone:

    1. Dial 5588 from your Lebara mobile phone.
    2. Follow the instructions and you should hear your remaining Lebara call credit.

  • How long is my Lebara call credit valid for?

    Your Lebara call credit remains valid, as long as you make a chargeable activity (a call, text or data usage) at least every 90 days. If you’re inactive for over 90 days, any call credit on your Lebara UK SIM card becomes invalid. You may be able to request a refund for call credit lost due to inactivity. Please consult Lebara UK’s terms of service for details.

    In case you remain inactive for 365 days on top of the initial 90, Lebara UK will deactivate your SIM card. Any call credit remaining on a deactivated SIM card will be lost.

  • How do I top up my Lebara when abroad?

    Using the Lebara App:

    When abroad the only way to top up your Lebara mobile is by using the Lebara App, you can download it from the app store on apple devices, or from the play store on android devices.

  • How do I contact Lebara customer service?

    By Phone:

    From your Lebara mobile, call 5588.


    From another phone, call 0207 031 0791.


    From abroad, call +44 207 031 0791.

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