About us us

Some infomation about our company

Who we are

mojo-vouchers.co.uk is a trade name of Maclean Telecoms Ltd. We are a UK company that specialise in delivering mobile top up vouchers in digital form as an intermediary provider.

Our priority is your experience

We leverage our technology and expertise to make your purchasing experience as easy and pleasant as possible. Using our infrastructure we are able to execute and fulfil your order in under 30 seconds.

We promise to

1. Never enter you into a repeat subscription.
2. Never sell your data.
3. Never send you promotional texts or emails.


As a PCI compliant company we are expected to meet certain standards in data processing and communication. You can rest assured that your financial information is secure. We have systems in place that go above and beyond UK and EU regulations.

Our Partners

We have directly partnered with almost every UK mobile network and are authorised as a reseller.

Customer Service

When something goes wrong we strive to give you our full attention and aim to resolve issues within 12 hours from first contact.