How to Top Up

Here's all the ways you can apply your Voucher to your Virgin Mobile phone

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  • How do I top up my Virgin phone?

    By Phone:

    1. Dial 789 from your Virgin mobile

    2. Follow the instructions in the menu. Please keep your Virgin mobile voucher at hand.

    3. After you’ve completed the steps in the menu, your call credit will be topped up.

    By Text:

    Text your Voucher number to 789111, you should receive a reply confirming your top up.

  • How do I check my Virgin balance?

    By Phone:

    Call 789 from your Virgin mobile phone and follow the instructions to hear your remaining call credit.

    By Text:

    Text BALANCE to 789000, you should get a reply text message showing your remaining call credit.

  • How do I contact Virgin customer service?


    Visit the Virgin Support Centre for infomation on how to contact Virgin Mobile.

    By Phone:

    From UK landlines or mobiles, call 8435 1586 80.


    From abroad, call 0044 8435 1586 80.

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